Things You Want to Know
as a Teaching Artist

Last minute emergencies. If you have an emergency that directly effects your ability to teach, call Linda at 304-724-7806 or David at 304-876-2860. Otherwise use our office phone and e-mail to communicate.

Setting up your classroom. If you are reasonably local, please be at your classroom at least an hour before class begins. If you come in the night before, let us know if you would prefer to set up then.

Bringing your art to exhibit. We encourage this! Students love to see your work and discuss how it was achieved.

Bringing your art to sell. This is fine as long as it is subtly done and there is no pressure on the students to buy.

Key arrangements & orientation to facilities. We will schedule with you.

Class Cancellations. We need at least three students to hold viable classes and reserve the right to cancel any class that does not reach that goal.

You can help. We ask that you use your marketing resources to help market CraftWorks and your class. Those resources might include listing your class on your website with a link to our website or e-mailing information to your mailing list. Let’s talk about this when we book your class.

Evaluations. You will be given an evaluation to fill out as a teaching artist—please be very honest. It will not affect your future work with us. You’ll also be given evaluations for your students. Hand them out near the end of class. Ask that they stop what they are doing and fill them out. Please be sure to hand them in to us. Our vision is to make CraftWorks a world class creative learning center and that means we need straightforward feedback from all our clients.

Getting Paid Promptly. You will leave with a CraftWorks check in hand for your teaching fee. Please collect any Materials Fees or other sales from the students directly.

Need housing? Be sure we have made arrangements for you. You will be staying on the grounds once owned by George Washington, in the restored late 1700’s Patent House with a king size bed, a deck for nature viewing and lots of space to roam and lounge.

Meals if you are in residence? If you are staying with us, you’ll be provided a continental breakfast tray and coffeemaker and supplies for breakfast. Lunch will be provided. You’ll be on your own for dinner—but not entirely. We’ll give you lots of suggestions and will provide you with a $25 per diem. We do not pay mileage for your trip here.

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