If you are interested in being a CraftWorks teaching artists,  we look forward to hearing about you and your craft. Please download and complete the Teaching Artist Artist Class Proposal. This form may be completed in any word processing application, and emailed to us or you may print the form and mail your application directly to CraftWorks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the application form. Thank you for submitting your class idea to CraftWorks at Cool Spring.

Honing Your Class Description for Maximum Impact

Writing engaging, compelling class descriptions is  an art that leads to full classes and excited learners. Every school has its own catalog “voice.” We will be happy to help your class description hit the right note. For our classes, we like to include the following information. Download our the proposal form to help you get started.

A snappy but informative title. For example: The Beauty of the Sharpened Edge, Capture Life in Words & Pictures, or Hands-On Adventures in Strawbaling.

An exciting description of the content.  For example: Learn the basics of strawbale construction in a weekend by actually building a small structure at Cool Spring.

What the student will make during the class. For example: You’ll go home with three beautiful creations: an autumn table centerpiece using gourds, pumpkins, and vegetables with fresh fall flowers and foliage; a honeysuckle wreath filled with blooms and greens; and a topiary created from fresh flowers, fruits, berries and pods.

What skills the student will learn. For example: Learn the basic rules of floral care and design. Or Learn how to build a screen for screenprinting and make stencils out of photo emulsion, cut stencils and drawing fluid/screen filler.

What skill level is needed; what skills are assumed?  Example: This is a low-key, fun workshop for both beginners and those participants already keeping journals.

What materials should the student provide? Example: Participants will need to bring a pair of clean, sharp clippers and/or pruners, gloves and wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for harvesting plant material from outdoors. If this is a long list, provide it separately rather than in the course description.

Is there is a materials fee to be paid to the teaching artist? If so, how much is it? We will publish the amount in our catalogue and online.

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